1Application Support

When businesses invest in an application, it is important that they get full functionality from the system. Application support isn't just about fixing a problem when the system is down  it spans much further than that. For our clients, we will ensure that the application(s) runs successfully and smoothly. As well as the obvious emergency responses to the application.

4IT Procurement Mgt

We highly experienced in helping our clients identify and procure the most appropriate IT systems and services to deliver the businesses objectives  at the right price  from the solutions available in the market to all aspects of the IT procurement cycle.

2 IT Strategy

Before you deploy a new IT system or even make changes to an existing one, you should ensure that your strategy and technical planning are in alignment so that this change process runs smoothly. Our consultants are acknowledged experts in identifying and defining exactly what it is you need, and then translate this into strategies that are both realistic and practical.

5 IT Project Mgt

During the implementation, we provide IT project management services on systems including customer service systems, EDM systems, management information and reporting tools, business critical applications, and other applications designed to improve efficiency.

3 IT Due Diligence

Often businesses go through huge change due to external influences such as mergers or acquisitions. As possible it is recommended to carry out a due diligence review on the currency and suitability of the IT in preparation of the change. We would look at areas such as systems, suppliers, support, systems integration, and report on the potential cost of existing IT for the future.


Many service providers and software suppliers provide some level of training for their systems. However, these training courses are typically expensive to do, and they're not usually customised to meet your individual needs. After all, many providers can train you on standard desktop packages, but not all of them understand the business applications of their system in your specific context.